The NES Classic is Dead, Long Live the SNES Classic! – Let’s Talk Switch

In this week’s episode of Let’s Talk Switch, Brain and Jeremy chat about the fact that Nintendo has decided to end the production of the much sought after NES Classic, then may have let it out that they are working on a follow-up with a SNES Classic (That will, in all likelihood, be impossible to find.) Before that we have a SUPER EPIC AND EXCITED discussion about Nintendo’s stock portfolio and the success that they have seen over the last year. We also talk a little bit about how the reviews for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Switch have surprised nobody in that the game is just a slightly better version of it’s Wii U counterpart. (Seriously though, if you have not played Mario Kart 8, you should definitely do that. It’s easily one of the best in the series, if you can look past the non-existent battle mode, which they did fix in the Deluxe version on the Switch.)

We do hop in and out of our thoughts and hopes for the Virtual Console on the Switch while talking about the NES and potential SNES Classic. Jeremy does believe that those two things are related in some way that Nintendo is not talking about, while Bryan just thinks that they have everything planned out and will unveil it all (including their online plans) during E3 this year.

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